<![CDATA[Danni Liang - About Me]]>Mon, 18 Jan 2016 21:01:55 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[What do you know about the Media?]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 02:54:39 GMThttp://danniliang.weebly.com/about-me/what-do-you-know-about-the-media1) What type of films interest you?
- I really enjoy watching chick flicks, as they are so relevant to my everyday life and they are easy to watch! I also enjoy watching musical movies such as 'Grease' and the 'Rocky horror picture show'. These movies are so quirky and a lot of fun! Horror/Thriller is also a favourite genre, because some involve a good story line e.g. 'Mama', and they are also very scary at the same time! Thriller movies are always a good type of movie to watch with your friends and family at night.
How often do you go to the movies and what theatre do you go to?
- I don't often go to the cinemas, as technology and media has improved these days and most people like to watch movies online. However, whenever I do go and watch a movie at the cinemas its always when a good movie has come out and my friends have invited me to go watch it, or I just feel like going because I haven't gone in a long time. I always go to Berkeley Cinemas in Botany Town Centre because that is the closest cinema nearby me.
How often do you take a video/DVD out of a video rental shop?
- I never take videos or DVD's out of a rental shop anymore because now there are cinemas and the internet, and people can just watch movies straight from the comfort of their own home or go to a nearby cinema without having to pay a fair amount of money for DVD's.
What New Zealand films have you seen?
- I have not seen a fair amount of New Zealand films. I have watched all of 'The Lord of the Rings' Series, and King Kong. 
Have you ever read a film magazine or book about films?
- No, I have not yet but I am looking forward to reading one.
Have you ever been to a film with subtitles?
-Yes, my parents used to watch a lot of Asian Dramas, and they would always have chinese subtitles on the bottom of the screens.
Have you been to a film playing in a film festival?
-No, I have not yet but I would love to one day because it looks like a really nice experience!
Have you read a film script or storyboard?
-No, I haven't.

2) Do you watch television?
- Yes I do watch it sometimes when I am bored or want to see what's new on TV.
Do you watch news?
- I used to watch it almost everyday, but now I don't watch it as much. I think I will get back into the habit of watching it though, as I find that its really important to know the current events and what is going on around the world.
Current Afairs?
- No, its the same with the news, I want to get back into the habit of reading the Current Afairs.
- Sometimes I will come across a documentary on Facebook or Youtube about something interesting such as 'My strange addiction' and things like that. But other than that, I don't watch many documentaries.
- Yes, I watch drama movies and drama tv shows. The movie I watched recently was 'Her'. Its an amazing movie with an interesting storyline. 
- Yes, I like to watch comedy movies and sometimes TV shows but it depends on the TV show and if its got a good rating or not!
- Yes i do watch some sitcoms, the one I have watched recently is called 'Come Fly with me', which is a British sitcom involving whats going on at an Airport. It is very funny.
-No, i hardly ever watch cartoons. 
Magazine Programmes?
-No, I don't watch magazine programmes.
Minority Programmes?
- No, I don't watch Minority Programmes.
Music Videos?
- Yes, I sometimes watch Music videos when there is a new one that has recently come out by an artist and everyone is talking about it. I also watch them whenever I find a new artist, I always look through their music videos just to see what their personality is like and how they create the music video. You can figure out an artist's personality just by watching their music videos. It can tell us a lot about what they are like.
How many channels are you familiar with?
I am familiar with quite a lot of channels. I know all the basic ones that we have on TV such as TV1, TV2, TV3, FOUR, Maori TV, Parliament TV, The Shopping Channel, MTV, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and many more.
Do you have sky in your home?
No, I do not have sky in my home but I used to. We stopped using it because it was too expensive for our home and no one was really using the TV.
How many televisions, videos/DVD's do you have in your household?
I have one television in our household, and then we have a fair amount of videos and DVD's, although we never use them.

3) Do you listen to the radio and when?
- Yes I do listen  to the radio whenever I am in the car driving somewhere. 
What types of programmes do you listen to?
-The types of programmes that I like to listen to are mainly music stations that play current music.
What station do you like the most and why?
- The station that I listen to the most is George Fm because not only does it have the latest music but it also has good remixes of current songs, and they play songs from artists that are not so mainstream and well known. Sometimes, I find that the non-mainstream songs are the best songs!

4) What magazines do you read?
-I don't really read magazines that often, but the ones that I do read are Girlfriend, Vogue, Bazaar, Fashion Quarterly, and Remix
What magazines do you buy?
-I don't really like to buy magazines that often because they are quite pricey, but when I do buy magazines I only buy them whenever they give away a free gift pack or something along those lines because then I think its really worth the money!
Do you have a subscription to any magazine?
-No, I don't currently.
What magazines do your family buy?
-They don't buy magazines
Have you visited Magazino?
-No, I haven't.

5) Have you ever read comics?
-Yes, I have but only a couple that I have borrowed from the library when I was little.
Have you ever seen any book-length comics?
-Yes, anime and manga books are always book-length comics.
Any foreign comics (such as Japanese 'Manga')?
-No, I am not interested in any comics.
Do you read any strips in the newspapers?
- No, i don't.

6) Are you interested in print cartoons, political cartoons?
-No, I am not interested in any sort of cartoon. I just find it hard to read and find the point in.
Do you have a favourite cartoonist, are you aware of any famous cartoonists in the past?
-No, I don't have a favourite cartoonist and I am not aware of any famous cartoonists in the past.

7) Which newspapers do you read and which sections or columns do you read regularly?
-I sometimes read the Times newspaper and the Eastern courier! I always look at the top stories and the big important ones because I know that they will be about something interesting. I also look at the job section, just in case something pops up for people my age or a newspaper run or something like that! 

8) What books do you read for interest?
-I can read any genre book, but the ones that I am most interested in are the teenage relevant ones, because those types of books appeal to me the most. Sometimes I find it quite hard to start reading a book so I hardly ever read, but I want to start getting into the habit of reading books, as it will help improve my vocabulary and will give me a different point of view on the society.
Which are your favourite books?
-'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' is one of my favourites, as it tells a very interesting but sad story and it gives us an image of what it was like to be at a concentration camp back in the days. It has amazing imagery, because while I was reading I felt like I was there with the boy. I also really enjoy the 'Once, Then, Now and After' series by Morris Gleitzman. Its a very easy read with an interesting storyline, and can really get you hooked! 
Who are your favourite authors?
-Definitely Nicholas Sparks, he is an amazing author that writes many amazing novels that are also movies as well! Such as, 'Dear John' and 'The Notebook'.John Greene is also a really good teen author who has written several successful novels such as 'Looking for Alaska' and 'The Fault in Our Stars'. 'The Fault in our stars' is also going to be a movie that is coming out real soon! Jacqueline Wilson is also an all time favourite author of mine, she writes splendid books for girls and they are so addictive!
What genres of books do you like to read?
-I like reading classic books and all about friendships, paranormal romance, disaster fiction, crime and mystery, all sorts really! As long as its a good book then I will want to read it.
Do you belong to a library other than a school library? Do you spend time in bookshops?
-Yes, I have a library card that can be accessed to all local libraries such as Botany, Pakuranga and Highland Park. Yes I do spend time in bookshops if I have nothing else to do because I normally don't buy books from stores. I normally just have books lying around the house that I can just pick up and read.

9) What music do you listen to?
-I listen to many individual artists! Some of my main favourites include: Two door Cinema Club, Passion Pit, Lorde, Roo Panes, Little Comets, Lakyn Heperi, Daughter, Watercolours, Disclosure, Anna Lunoe, Florence and the Machine and many more!
What genres do you like?
-I really enjoy listening to Alternative and Indie music. Some of my favourite genres of Indie are Indie pop, remixes, Hip-hop and acoustic. 
What CD's do you own and what makes you buy a CD?
- I don't own many, I own about 4 or 5 but the ones I do own are Florence and the Machine (Christmas Present), Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox (Gift), Glee (Prize), One Direction (prize) and Now 21.
Do you download music off the internet?
- Yes, I do download music off the internet, I find that its the easiest way to access music these days.

10) Do you have a computer at home and Do you have your own computer?
-Yes, I do have a computer at home and yes I do have my own computer.
What do you use your computer for?
-I mainly use it for socialising on social networking sites, Homework and listening to music, and for storing photos and videos.
What are your favourite internet sites?
- Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Ask.fm, Google
Do you use chat rooms?
-The only chatting systems that I use are Facebook and Skype! I don't use chat rooms such as tinychat.com or ebuddy.com
What search engines do you use mostly?
-I only use Google as a search engine. It is the easiest way to search something and everyone uses it.

11) Do you take photographs?
Yes! I am always taking photographs on my phone or my Ipad, so that I can use it for my instagram. I also like to take photos with my Canon EOS 650D. I really enjoy taking photos, its one of my main hobbies. 
Have you ever read a book or been to an exhibition of photography? 
-YWHes, I have read books on photography and I have been to exhibitions of photography
What magazines or newspapers have good photographs?
-'Frankie', 'RUSSH', 'Remix' , 'Yen' magazine all have amazing photographs inside the magazines. They are unique photos and generally include pictures of fashion, clothes, models, makeup and landscape photography! I really enjoy reading the magazines because photography is a big hobby of mine and I always look for inspiration from these magazines!

12) Are you interested in the visual arts?
-Yes, I am interested in the visual arts because art is quite a significant aspect of the world today! I am really interested in Street Art, because people pass by it everyday and it is actually noticed by thousands of people! They come across street art by coincidence, because most times you have to go to an art gallery or exhibition to actually view the art, but in this case, street art expresses itself without even having to be paid for and people actually notice how beautiful it can sometimes be!
Have you read any books or magazines on the subject?
-Yes, I have read many books and magazines on visual art. When I studied visual arts in year 9 and 10, they would always have art books and magazines on the shelves for us to read. I used to enjoy reading the photography books and the "frankie" magazines, and also many other art related books!
Which artists interest you?
-I don't really have many favourite artists that interest me, because I have not looked into many artists.
Which New Zealand artists do you know?
- Rita Angus, Suji Park, April Shin, Vanessa Edwards, Susan Haywood Smith, Paratene Matchitt, Prue Macdonald.
Which galleries have you visited?
- I have visited Te tuhi art gallery and the Auckland Art gallery.

13) Are there any products whose design and packaging has caught your eye?
- Yes, there are several products that their packaging has caught my eye with. I am really liking "eco store's" packaging! They are a skincare and beauty brand, and use simple packaging which makes it really effective and eye catching! I also adore Frankie magazine's packaging, they always have cute front covers on their magazines and unique and simple images on the inside! I also like UK's brand Simple skincare! Their main colour scheme is green and white, which gives off a clean and fresh vibe! This will definitely attract more customers to buy their products!
Have you ever thought about the principles and techniques of marketing?
-Yes I have, you must impress the stakeholders and customers by designing a presentable product and make sure it catches their attention with packaging! It is very important about what you write on the product or your brand, so it persuades customers to buy your product. You have to develop a lot of useful research and information before you can carry on to develop your product 
What print advertisements do you find effective?
-I find that simple advertisements are always the best ones! Because they don't contain a lot of information but they are always effective because they keep it short and simple. 

14) What billboards have caught your eye recently? Do you think that it is an effective way to advertise?
-Take Apple for example, all of their ads on tv and billboards always have a white background and have the product right in the middle so its obvious about what they are talking about. Then they also include a short sentence about it and it is also a very effective sentence to describe their products. It makes the customers want to buy their products!]]>